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Today I’m introducing a boot that bearly has a year in the corps and he’s agreed to allow a guy to suck his cock for the first time. He’s a married Marine so he never gets laid so this was a no-brainer for him with the money I was offering him. He lost his virginity to his best friend’s GF which was a secret… until today. He’s all man, all Marine and definitely all straight.. check out this little straight stud getting the blowjob of his life. I sat him down on a bench in my theater room and got this jarhead out of his desert cammies with nothing left but his black boxers and his half stiffy pokin through his shorts. He didn’t seem nervous at all and once I put the pussy porn on and we got past the particulars, he sat back and immediately got hard the moment my lips touched his cock. It became deathly silent and all you could hear was the faint crys of the porn stars getting fucked in the movie he was watching. I began sucking his cock kneeling down on my knees and engulfing all of his cock!

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Saeger is back and looking as fine as hell and geared up to make another movie for me because the kid needs money of course. Saeger is a very special Marine and so much so that he won’t even tell me what he does it’s so top secret. What isn’t any secret is the weapon of mass destruction that Saeger brought to rip apart my ass for the cameras today delivering some of the best ass fucking I’ve experienced in a long while. Saeger came to my place today with a very spiffy formal Charlie uniform that made him look very official and HOT of course. We got to talking a little and after we got past all the BS, I asked him to start stripping away his clothes completely naked and noticed the boy likes to ride “commando” style.  I sat him down on the bench in the middle of the room and got down on my knees and began to suck on this Marine’s manmeat that hung a healthy 8 inches and nicely cut. He has big ass balls that hung way low down his leg almost. I sight to behold! I slowly began licking and sucking everything from his balls to his cock and his dick began to immediately get hard.

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From Miller is actually a married Marine who hails from the great state of Texas who is out in California for the military. He is also a Marine that is typically horny 24/7 and constantly needs to have his big 8.5 inch cock gagged on by beautiful women, older women! He’s never done anything with a guy and today I’ve convinced Miller to let me play with his big dick and give it one of the best handjobs of its young natural life! Just want this load explode! I had Miller dress up in his Desert Storm Cammies which looked pretty frickin’ good on him and immediately made him peel off his clothes until he was butt naked in my bedroom. Miller wasn’t shy about his size and proudly began stroking his huge cock getting it hard almost immediately.


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West has returned and today is an interesting shoot because we really didn’t say very much to each other. In fact, when we got the cameras rolling, I don’t think any words were even spoken. I immediately took his pants off and began one of the most awesome blowjob-fucks I have on tape. Like any good horny Marine, West did not disappoint to deliver the typical hard military, beer tasting load that really does characterize what a true straight Marine performs.

Well after the cameras got rolling with not even a word spoken, I got on my knees and began sucking on West’s cock with gentle and slow strokes and licks. He soon became hard as I began taking his entire cock down my throat. In fact, it swelled in my throat and I could feel it growing harder and harder.

Well it wasn’t long before I had this boy hard as a fucking rock and moaning all kinds of things that included the word “god” alot. I immediately changed the entire pace of the video as now I just got on top of the bench and literally sat down on his cock cowgirl style. I began bouncing up and down on his cock slowly at first but then getting harder and faster deep inside to a good pace I could tell West was enjoying.


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My good buddy Cody is back and we tried something a little different and literally started this video with him completely naked and without even saying a single word… just right into the action! Cody is a little jarhead stud from San Diego who has come back to show us all how a straight guys fucks a nice tight wet hole and delivers a performance that will make your mouths drop. I think this is his best video to date. I sat him on my famous bench in front of my bed again and this time I had him butt naked and ready to get sucked. I knew he knew what he was getting into and knew that the head was good which was actually making him hard even before I began sucking. I literally got Cody, who doesn’t say much anyway, but his facial expressions were speaking loud and clear. I worked that cock big time. I mean I sucked and licked his smooth long balls and just licked up and down his shaft making him more and more hot and bothered. Cody has such a young and innocent face that I almost felt like I was corrupting this little stud but I knew he was all about fucking and knew exactly what he was doing.


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oday I have before me a very solid Marine named Saeger who is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton and who has been on a mission to fuck as much pussy as he can in his favorite position… DOGGYSTILE! This boy is quite the straight stud who loves to fuck (note the wedding ring), wears a size 13 shoe, lost his virginity at 14 and has been fucking ever since. Today he’s agreed to let himself get serviced for the first time by a guy and I’ve compensated him sufficiently for him to day that journey with me today! I immediately asked him to start taking off his desert cammies which he looked so fucking studly in. Once I got him naked I could see that this boy kept himself in shape because he had a nice tight and muscular body, an ass that seriously didn’t quit, and a cock that hung beautifully at 8 inches and cut nicely. The best thing about his package was his nut sack because it looked HUGE and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on it! We got rolling and I asked him to do a few poses which he did with a big smile on his face because I really think he likes to show off. Once we got past that I made him get down to business and resume a parade rest position as I began to suck his cock every so slowly. I maneuvered my mouth on his cock and slid it down balls deep almost instantly which made him sigh.


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Hey Guess who’s back! Alonzo has been really deadset on making as much money as he can and today I’ve managed to talk him into fucking a guy in the ass for the first time in his life. He’s pretty open minded as most guys are from Southern California and Alonzo is no different. His body is ripped, his face is adorable, his cock.. the perfect size which he proved to me when he bent me over and fucked my little brown ass silly!

Alonzo is one horny mother fucker! He really is. I’ve never met anyone as horny as this guy, he constantly talks about sex and pussy. He has a girlfriend but he definitely likes to take full advantage of his sexual drive and fuck anything that moves basically. We got started filming and I began to probe him about anal and whether he’s tried it before and he told me that he’s tried it twice in his life.

He knew we were going to take him to a place he’d never been before today so he was little nervous but when we got started shooting he relaxed on my bench, got butt naked, spread his legs and arms wide open and I knelt down in front of him and began what turned out to be the fuck he’d remember. I got his rock hard almost instantly and with the porn playing in the background, Alonzo was getting primed and ready to fuck.


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Hey Guys! So today I’m introducing a very hot new addition to the Military Classified line-up. I met Alonzo through an associate of mine who connected us and when I saw his pics I was pretty blown away by the body on this straight stud. He’s from the area so he didn’t have to travel very far and today he’s looking to make as much money as he can so I lined up a blowjob to beat all blowjobs! We got started shooting right away but not until he first had a few shots of tequilla to get him a little loose since this is basically the first time he’s ever allowed a guy to suck his dick on camera. We got past all the particulars and I immediately got him undressed to his birthday suit and what a nice suit it was. This boy has an AMAZING body, perfectly formed in every aspect, smooth and tan with a nice healthy 6 inch cock that was nicely cut for a latino and two snug little balls to match. Yum Yum!  I sat him back down on the edge of the bed and he just laid back and put his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and spread his legs as I knelt down in front of him ready to get started on some serious cock sucking. It didn’t take very long before I had Alonzo hard and raring to go and I knew that I was going to be able to take this stud to an orgasm that he wouldn’t soon forget. Within minutes he was hard as a rock and began to go from a laid back position to basically beginning to fuck my mouth. He no longer had his eyes closed and actually began to treat my mouth like he was fucking a real pussy. I could easily take him balls deep and I know that really set him off because he was reacting like that was all new to him.


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I’ve always had a fascination with straight guys and even more so with marines, sailors, anything military really as far back as I can remember. I was raised in the church and aside my lifestyle choices, this website is really a far cry from what my pastor probably expected of me. I tried my hand at a few careers and never quite took any of them to the level of success I had envisioned for myself. So after futile attempts at dead end jobs it dawned on me that no matter what, I was always really good at SEX! I must have watched a 1000 solo videos of unattractive, overweight producers having sex with beautiful straight studs and I put up with it because the guys were hot. So in May, 2004 I launched my own website and decided to give people a better choice. Through the years I’ve developed amazing oral skills that countless guys, straight and gay, unequivocally could not deny was the BEST oral they’d ever experienced bar none. Of course you say, “yea right everyone says that” but if you watch my videos and see the reaction of these guys coupled with the inexplicable ability I have to manipulate straight guys you’ll probably ask, “how does he do that?”

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