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From his first appearance on ExtraBigDicks a few months back, the nine plus, thick, uncut inches on Jessie Alan have become a legenda. Cumming face to face with the legend today is dark, brooding and big dick loving Troy Montgomery – who incidentally is sporting a party-sized piece as well. They start kissing as Troy immediately begins to explore his larger than life playmate. Jessie’s massive meat is coming alive as Troy opens wide and shoves as much as he can down his throat. He spit-shines Jessie’s cock as it gets even thicker. Jessie holds Troy’s head, helping him out by bobbing his head faster on his baby maker. Jessie needs more than that mouth and soon has Troy on his back with his legs in the air giving Jessie’s skilled tongue access to that sweet ass he will soon be stretching wide. Next we see Jessie slowly push his meat inside. Troy is a trooper as he takes every thick inch with ease. Jessie is soon bouncing this hot Latin ass on his dick as his balls slap aw! ay at Troy’s hungry ass. Jessie then puts Troy on his back and slides that massive meat back inside. All this deep fucking has Jessie’s cock ready to blow as he pulls out and unloads his cargo nearly hitting Troy in the face. Here’s cum in your eye! Jessie then goes down to suck Troy’s balls as Troy jacks his own cock. Troy then explodes, sending at least 5 massive jets of cum blasting over his shoulder. Got Cum? We got a-plenty!

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BREAKING NEWS Removes All Cumbersome Copy Protection:

A lot of you have been asking about this, and we took your opinions to heart. Active Duty has now finished converting all of it’s streaming videos to a non-DRM (Digital Rights Management) version. Now all of our streaming videos, and we are streaming 12 great videos right now, have no DRM. There is also no DRM on the 42 War Chest Videos that I told you about last week. What does this mean for your conversions? This means that our generous and popular streaming content is now available to Mac users! This opens up a huge new segment of the market for you to convert! This means there will be no more cumbersome video copy protection software used on They have some of the hottest soldier boys on the internet!

Mac OSX users can now join the site and view all the videos!

Click below to tour Active Duty:

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Found Another Hot Site! It’s called and insted of paying outragous $1.99 per minute to view some broke down webcam performer from god knows where… you can join this site for $24.95 which includes:

– Access to all of there live member chats
– Download over a years worth of member chat archives
– Access to hundreds of our pro and amateur videos
– Access to thousands of our pro and amateur photos
– Access to the members area of our retro site
– 20% discount on private chats (that can really add up!)

Not a bad deal if you ask me… and there guys are always HOT!

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CamWithHim: $24.95 for access to all their archived footage for the last YEAR!

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