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Barrett Long Big Free DickActive Duty has been bringing us the best in military porn for over 10 years, and recently they’ve added 4 more hot content websites to their family. Today, I’d like to tell you a little about one of these sites that is included with an Active Duty membership. Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour is a great addition to the Active Duty family of websites! They are currently streaming 42 episodes (read: full-length hardcore sex scenes) for members. You can buy these on DVD, but if you join you can watch them all, including episodes that have not yet been released on DVD!

Each episode Barrett takes a new guy, sometimes a fresh face and sometimes a porn star, and plows him (or them:) with his massive 12 inch cock! You could keep busy for ages watching all of the scenes so far, but they keep adding new ones, at least one every 2 weeks. On top of that they have regular live shows, and lots of photos to keep you entertained. This is a great site and a real steal as part of the Active Duty membership which also includes Dirty Bird Pictures, My Straight Buddy and Seadog Photo. Join now, before they realize that these sites could carry their own price tags!

Here is a sample of what the episodes of XXX Amateur Hour are like. Here is the description of scene one of Volume 14, from Barrett’s point of view. “Kevin Cavalli is a big time straight porn star and now a gay porn star too! He’s a 23 year-old, Italian from New York. You will love the hot time I have with this good looking guy. Kevin sucks my cock and it feels so good I get hard and huge. It’s gnarly how far he goes down on me. He gags a little and tells me he’s nervous and scared of my big dick. I promise I’ll go easy on him and that it’ll be fun. We ‘dock’ our cocks and get ready for some fucking. Kevin bends over, lubes up his ass and I tell him to breath and relax. He takes my cock in his ass and moans ‘oh yeah.’ He finishes me off by sucking the cum out of me.”

This is the description of the next scene, which features cutie pie Kirk Cummings. “I’m really glad Kirk Cummings made it down to my place, and I know you will be too. He’s 21 years old but looks even younger. He seems a little nervous so I ask him if he’s having any second thoughts about my big dick. He replies, ‘?maybe…’ but agrees to stay anyway. We strip off our clothes, except Kirk leaves on his baseball hat because he likes the New York Yankees. He starts to suck on my big sausage and gets it nice and hard. I order him to suck my dick exactly the way I like it. He sucks it perfectly and it feels so fucking good. Kirk is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever been with. He gets me so close to cumming that I have to ask him to stop. This is the first time I have ever stopped filming. Next, Kirk gives me a really wet upside-down blow job. Spit rolls out of his mouth and drips off his forehead onto the floor. I get so excited that I just want to stick my dick way up his ass. Kirk lays on his back, with his legs up high. I hold his ankles and stick my cock in his tight ass. He begs me not to stick it in so deep. I reply, ‘Don?t worry baby, I’m not going to hurt you. Just breathe deep, relax and stroke your cock.’ My cock disappears in his ass as I plough him. I turn him over, fuck him hard from behind and shoot a big fat load on his back.”



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Active Duty High Quality Real Military Men

If any of you haven’t heard about Active Duty, then todays the day Jesus has been resertected. What a treat! A guy by the screen name “Dink Flamingo” runs it and boy does he get the hottest, non-cracked out white boys that walk this earth! NO EUROS either, it’s all American!!!! Not that there a “problem” with euro boys, it’s just that they are *everywhere* in gay porn now. What I like about Active Duty is that there is 100% corn fed white boys, that are or were at one time actually in the military… not that fake shit either! It’s so real there was a 3–4 page article in GQ Magazine about this website a few years ago!

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