Broke Straight Boys brought Joe back for another shoot, because he has only just begun to break out of his shell and experiment on camera. Only because he gets paid for it of course, and wants to make some money to pay his bills. Joe’s girlfriend still has no idea that he has been doing porn to bring in his money, and I think that he wants to hold out in telling her not knowing how she would respond. As I thought about it I threw out that maybe the two of them could do a shoot for BrokeStraightGirls to see if it would be something she would try. Anyways there was no way that Joe would cheat on his girlfriend with another girl, so that was when I brought up that I had the perfect plan for a shoot. I wanted him to fuck a dude, and that he would make $1200 for doing it. Hearing the dollar amount settled that decision and he was up for doing the shoot. That was when I had Jeremy come into the room. He took a seat on the couch, and I tried to see if Joe would let Jeremy fuck him. There just was no way that he wanted to take a dick in his ass.