HIV+ Gay Porn Star, Caleb Carter

HIV+ Gay Porn Star, Caleb Carter

The True Story of HIV Positive Porn Star, Caleb Carter & Death

A few weeks ago I posted that gay male porn star Caleb Carter committed suicide by hanging himself, and that I’d follow up with a more detailed story in a week or so. The reason I wanted to wait for the Coroner’s Investigative report was due to the fact that Caleb Carter, whose real name was Benjamin Gilbert was HIV positive. I had actually known Benjamin Gilbert was HIV positive becuase we have mutual friends, and due to my contact with members of the adult entertainment industry, I knew but un-officially. About a week before his suicide, Benjamin Gilbert (a.k.a. Caleb Carter) had tried to invite me over for sex via the gay male personals website Adam4Adam. My profile there says I am “HIV Negative”. I declined his invitation, harshly as I was disgusted with what he was doing. Was he trying to endanger others who were not HIV positive? He was also knowingly performing in gay porn films while HIV positive.

I found at least one gay porn film, produced by popular bareback porn studio, Hot Desert Knights which Ben Gilbert stared in entitled, “Buckets of Cum” in which you see Caleb Carter having unprotected sex with an African American male performer. The description of this film, by Hot Desert Knights itself states, “WARNING: Contains all raw bareback action, loads in the ass and cum swallowing.”

My personal opinion is that he did not think (or maybe even care) about the safety of myself, his co-stars, or others of which he had sexual encounters with.

I couldn’t post about his medical status until I had received an official report from the County of San Diego confirming he had HIV. Ben and I live in Southern California and as we all know the gay community is quite small when it comes to gossip. I was warned about Ben having HIV and was warned never to hookup with him, for that I am gracious, not that he was my type anyways. The best way I can describe Benjamin Gilbert from my interactions with him is: Vindictive. You’ll notice other bloggers saying how nice he was and how much he will be missed: That’s common when somebody dies.

I’m writing this article to expose the heart wrenching truth about Mr. Gilbert: He was HIV positive and if you had a sexual encounter with him, you could be too. The Coroner Investigator stated that Benjamin was a male escort. How many people did he infect with HIV?

For those who know me in real life I can he a bitch, a gossip, a whatever but what I don’t do is try to hurt others feelings, make them feel bad about themselves, etc. The reason I decided to go ahead and post that Benjamin Gilbert was living with and possibly transmitted to others, HIV is so everybody that had had a sexual encounter with him will hopefully get tested and stop the vicious cycle of infection.

Benjamin GIlbert’s own step-father, Chuck, described him as: “health conscious, a train-wreck, attention getter, habitual liar, and confused.”. The Coroner Investigative summery also states that Benjamin was “known to partake of illicit drugs recreationally. His drugs of choice were cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy.” His alcohol of choice was Vodka which the Coroner found a LARGE amount of consumed containers of various sizes around his small, shabby apartment.

Benjamin lived (presumably) by himself, in a one bedroom one bathroom, first-floor apartment. His only roommate seemed to be his empty vodka bottles. The San Diego Coroner puts it nicely, ‘The home was sparsely furnished and untidy.”

San Diego Police Dispatch received the call on 02/20/09, at 1621 hours. Police officers were dispatched to 1233 Essex Street, apartment #3, in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. They arrived at 1624 hours. Upon arrival, officers knocked on the door, but did not get an answer. The apartment manager assisted officers by using her master key to gain entry into the residence.

Benjamin was found in his bedroom closet hanging in an upright kneeling position, from the clothing rod by a J. Crew burgundy scarf. Clothes, shoes, condoms, and debris littered the floor. By time he was found he was in the late stages of rigor mortis which was noted to his extremities, which was overcome by “minimal” force. It’s not unusual for Coroner Technicians to have to break the bones of bodies so that they are in a proper “body bag” position.  A plastic dildo and condom wrappers on the floor of the closet, but no porn was found in his bedroom. I find that rather unusual for a porn star. To me, it suggests he rarely had visitors, or friends come over. Ben never left a suicide note but left his laptop running, which went into sleep mode by time the Coroner arrived, they noted he as logged into his email account but when they tried to access the “Sent” folder, the account had logged out automatically due to the inactivity time.

Benjamin not only had HIV, but a slew of other health problems as well, including the possibility of cancer: He was prescribed Paxil, Paroxetine, and Atripla. As of two weeks ago, he had been off his prescription medications, as he was undergoing testing for cancer.

It’s my opinion that with the stress of not having a stable career at the age of 28, being a porn star (the only job he could probably keep), living with HIV and other health problems, using illigal recrational “hard” drugs such as: Cocaine,  drinking massive amounts of alcohol, knowing he might have infected others with HIV, and living a sad existence even without a cat, in a one bedroom apartment really pushed him over edge. I think anybody in his vulnerable position would attempt suicide. The Coroner also states in the investigative report, that he was deeply in debt.

I want to stress this isn’t a story ment to hurt, defame, or make Benjamin Gilbert out to be a villain, but I know he did at least try to entice me into a sexual encounter at least once I have to ask: How many others? As I stated above, this is an article to educate, inform and warn the gay community of his HIV status, and it’s not something I wanted to post but felt the need to, since he is no longer here to suffer the effects if I had broken this story while he was still alive.

My heart goes out to his mother, Kim, as you know any good mother always stands by her children no matter what. In my opinion and observation she was at least an active commenter on his profile, and not even my mother uses myspace. She seemed to really have cared for her son, for which I wished everybody could have a mother like her. In my opinion, she is a “cool mom”. (Cool mom is a term from the movie Mean Girls and signifies the parent is “in-style” with her children.)

I highly suggest that if you, or know of a friend that had any encounter with Benjamin’s body fluids (blood, semen, etc) or a sexual encounter with him you get tested for HIV. – STAT!

I researched and found a list of HIV testing centers in the San Diego region: Click here for more of that information.

Adam4Adam Profile of HIV+ Porn Star Caleb Carter

Adam4Adam Profile of HIV+ Porn Star Caleb Carter

San Diego Sheriff- Coroner’s Investigative Report



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