Chaosmen: Steve Braxton

Steve is so “not a model.” He just looks like a guy—a really hot guy—you might bump into in line for coffee, or checking out at the grocery store. His eyes always seem to be checking you out, because underneath that smile is a wicked grin. It’s a type: the non-threatening hottie. He is so hot, yet so cool, you could talk to him for hours and then you know what you’d be doing next. Steve is one of those.

Steve waits patiently on the set for his next shoot. With his winning all-American smile and lean, toned body, he just lays back, He looks good and sexy at any angle. As he slips out of his track shorts, he reveals a tasty ass. A nicely trimmed thatch of fur just below a well-maintained six pack frames a cock waiting to be sucked.

Comfortable in the nude, he’s also comfortable being serviced all around. A hot blow job will make him cum and is just as welcome as a long, intricate rim job on his pink asshole. Steve likes it raw and can go for long, deep strokes with his long, hot cock. A versatile player, pleasing others is as easy being pleased or even pleasing himself.

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Toby Watts staring on BentleyRace
Now here’s how you speak Australian!

Straight from Bentley Race comes Toby Watts, a hot 27 year old waiter from Melbourne, and this fucker can’t wait to show off what he’s got!

This mate from the outback is slender yet built, and Toby has just the right amount of hair on his creamy white body for your pleasure. He’ll peel off his clothes to tease you with his hot bulge in his tight little pair of briefs. But the tour of this Aussie stud doesn’t end there, as he’s more than welcome to show you his nice round ass and thick meaty cock. Things get even hotter when this dude starts stroking off his cock for you, and not even Zac the camera man can resist Toby! The temperature rises even more when Zac strips out of his clothes and sucks Toby dry. Bentley Race scores once again with this hot bitch from down under!
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For the first time ever, Broke Straight Boys will go bareback! Join Johnny Forza and Lucas willing to do anything with another dude in exchange for a few lousy gay dollars. Lucas has jerked off for Broke Straight Boys before, but in need of some extra cash, he nervously accepts the offer to be fucked by another guy. The blonde and muscular Johnny Forza will take real good care of Lucas’s virgin ass! The apprehensive Lucas begins by getting on his knees to suck Johnny’s fat, rock hard cock. At first, he doesn’t like the taste of another man’s dick, but don’t worry, he’ll get used to it. Johnny returns the favor, and sucks Lucas’s cock and has his eyes rolling with pleasure. Then the real show begins when Johnny Forza rams his huge cock up Lucas’s tight little hole, and it’s all bareback!

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Donny Wright and Cameron Foster on NextDoorBuddies

Donny Wright and Cameron Foster get together to do a little remodeling of their nightclub. Cameron who’s the straight designer, knows Donny’s club is gay oriented and want’s to fulfill his ultimate secret fantasy, having sex with another guy.

Cameron is pretty nervous at first, but it’s just something about Donny’s touch that feels oh so right. Adrenaline rushes though Cameron’s veins as his dick gets hard! Cameron decides he’s going to let Donny have his way with him.

Donny asks Cameron if he wants to get fucked, and Cameron lets him know he’s ready and willing to try so Donny eases in at first, but starts to pound harder and harder….

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xBareback Gay Social Network

Today we are announcing the launch of our premium gay bareback social network, Right now we are trying to get the word out, and we need your help!

What makes xBareback different?

There are a few bareback related profile sites out there, but none are all-inclusive. xBareback will have a member proximity search, integrated free videos, free photo albums, a forum, and some pretty good privacy features that no other site has. Don’t get your Facebook account deleted for posting your raunchy pictures in groups, bring them to where they will be appreciated. We are still working on our zip code locator so look for that in the very near future. We intend to be a direct competitor to sites Recon and NastyKinkPings which are not free right now, and charge more then they should.

Why Should I Join Today?

By joining right now, and helping us beta test our new social product, it guarantees you free access for at least one year. When we get more premium features integrated such as video uploads, we are going to charge $12.95 – $34.95 a year for access so join right now to make sure you get in while it’s still free.

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Justin Bieber Uncircumsized Penis from stolen laptop

Justin Bieber is reporting via his twitter account that his laptop was stolen while on tour. He alleges his laptop was filled with “personal footage”. The image looks legitimate, his tattoo’s match up and it would appear in the photo where his cock appears that is was taken aboard a tour bus or some type of show trailer. Justin Biber is uncircumcised, which is not surprising since he his originally from Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

We never really cared to know what Justin Bieber’s cock looked like before since he was sportting a haircut that made him look like a lesbian, but with his latest song release and new haircut Justin is looking pretty good these days. Somethings just get better with age, Justin Bieber being one of them.

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CorbinFisher: Harley and Chandler

Check out this new hot scene from CorbinFisher. Harley gets fucked by Chandler! These two hot all-American jocks start out with a romantic kiss then move on into oral sex with Chandler’s thick  hung cock getting sucked off by Harley. Visit and download the video CorbinFisher to hear Harley whimpering from the pain of Chandler’s thick cock and deep thrusts.

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Jake Cruise: Brenden and Kieron Photo

The lastest update on CockSureMen begins with Brenden Cage and Kieron Ryan doing a personal workout. Kieron Ryan starts with crunches and it’s not even a minute before Kieron’s pants come off to show his hard cock. Brenden just can’t resist and starts to go down on Kieron who just wants to work out! After getting sucked by Brenden, Kieron then gets Brendens cock in his face! WTF dude, no homo! If you’re into foot licking fetishes, your going to want to check out this full length video on CockSureMen. Click into the post to see the full gallery.

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CollegeDudes: Mike Young

Standing a tall 6 foot three inches and 225 pounds, Mike Young is one build twenty one year old football playr. A white aryan with a shaved head and pretty built muscles, Mike works at at night as a club bouncer. Mike’s fanstasy would be to have sex with “like four girls at the same time”. White, tanned, and a shaved chest Mike looks pretty fucking hot to us. Just wait until you see how far this football hottie can shoot!

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Sebastian at

Sebastian is a 6 foot 4 Blonde Army Ranger Hunk!

ActiveDuty sent over previews of their latest model, Sebastian. This hunk is 27-years old, 6′ 4″ tall and weighs a solid 235 lbs. He’s not only been deployed several times to Iraq and other places, but he’s also played college basketball, ran track in high school and loves to work out. He was born in Germany, that’s why he has an uncircumsized dick and he has size 13 feet! Sebastian is blonde, muscular, and has lots of tattoos and a very masculine face. You couldn’t ask for a hotter, more rugged looking guy. I just want to run my hands down his chest and cuddle up with him. His armpits look very lickable too! Check out Sebastian photo gallery below, dont’ forget to also join active duty for only $20 a month … he has a voice that will melt you.

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MMA fighter fucks

When I first saw a thumbnail preview for this clip, I knew it was going to be totally fucking hot. Then I went to click on the video and it was deleted from the site that was hosting it. Luckyily I scavanged around and found it, and posted it up on for safe keeping. You usually only see guys this good advertising on craigslist personals for “M4T” — or responding ads for cross dressers (don’t ask how I know that) which is totally not hot. This straight flatbiller bro is THE BEST amateur I’ve ever seen fucking in gay porn. He even tops that of Ricky Sinz, which is a hella hot tattoo’ed bro himself. He’s a pure Aryan god covered in tattoo’s, clean cut shaved head and a flatbill hat: You could not ask for a better top.

Click the link below to see the video!
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Allen and Vander on

ChaosMen has gone all bareback! In the latest update, these two hot studs, Vander and Allen are white, muscular jocks with an all-american type look. You can’t ask for much more perfect bodies then what these two have. I really dig fades on guys — clean-cut is hot and Vander and Allen are as hot as Abercrombie models. If I had to have somebody arrange a gay marriage for me, it would be Bryan who recruits and shoots Chaosmen scenes (he also owns the website). Chaosmen shoots around the great American state of Texas! There is not one “ugly” model on ChaoMen, and another I like about this site is the fact Bryan recruits guys of all different looks. Chaosmen is defiantly not a cookie cutter website like Sean Cody and Randy Blue have become. Chaosmen is only $24.95 for the first month then under $20 for the subsequent months you support the site. By becoming a ChaosMen member you’ll get unlimited access 100′s of high definition quality, perfectly lit every time HOT sex scenes.

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FraternityX 8 Dude Gangbang

This has to be one of the hottest scene’s I’ve seen all year. I am personally really into group action, and white muscular men so this scene really does it for me. Benny, the tattooed muscle boy gets his ass used by 8 straight dudes in a row. The fraternity guys heard that Benny was talking shit over at ASU about their fraternity and decided to show him whats up.

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COLT Studios Bob Hager

COLT Studio Group has announced the official relaunch of their legendary all-male adult membership site COLT Studio Designed and developed in partnership with Next Door Entertainment, the new site has undergone a complete redesign with new ground-breaking features. The new COLT Studio Group website offers members the finest design innovations, features, and functionality to present the world’s best all-male imagery. The site includes a new photo viewer called the “COLT Super Slider”, flawless resizing features for optimal viewing between all devices, an interactive carousal, and a new method for seamless user navigation. ”COLT Studio Group now truly reflects its 45+ year history in both content and technology,” says John Rutherford, President and Creative Director of COLT Studio Group. “It is a proud day here at COLT, for the first time every single aspect involving the COLT brand is synchronized right down to the very last detail. Great focus and time has been invested in perfecting the overall user experience. Our loyal members (and new) can now enjoy everything they love about COLT Studio Group’s high-end content with the ease of simpler and innovative navigation.” For nearly half a century COLT Studio Group has led the way for premium all-male erotica. Constantly evolving and raising the bar, COLT members can now enjoy weekly scene updates, HD content, and thousands of stunning high resolution photographs from the vaults more beautifully. The new COLT Studio represents an even better online experience that is nearly scroll-free.

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Manuel Rios and Phillipe Gaudin of

Manual Rios and  Phillipe Gaudin start their day by shopping around in a European town market, and by time they get back to their place, they are obviously quite horny in this scene. But with an uncut cock, who wouldn’t be horny… watch both of these smooth chested boys fuck, suck, eat ass, and best of all… bareback on BelAmiOnline.

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